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Research Center Matrix, the leading company in the development and production of low-level laser therapy devices, offers the corresponding equipment and uniquely effective techniques for treating pets.

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Low-level laser therapy has been used in clinical medicine for more than 50 years, this method of treatment is extremely effective, absolutely safe, has no contraindications and complications. It is known that the mechanisms of biomodulating action of laser light have been studied in animals, and thanks to them, many low-level laser therapy techniques, that have no alternative in their efficiency, are currently introduced into the clinic.

Main features and benefits of low-level laser therapy:

  • – High efficiency treatment without contraindications;
  • – The procedures are painless and treatment duration is short;
  • – Significant reduction in treatment time and cost reduction;
  • – Good treatment results for serious conditions, when other methods are ineffective;
  • – Effective prevention of diseases with the best results of animal rehabilitation, for example, after surgical procedures;
  • – Increasing endurance and performance of animals;
  • – Reducing the drug load and eliminating the negative consequences on the animal's body from the use of drugs;
  • – Allows using in veterinary clinics, at home and on-site.

Indications for low-level laser therapy for pets, diseases:

  • – andrological (infertility, epididymitis, epididymo-orchitis);
  • – bronchial and lung (bronchitis, bronchopneumonia, pneumonia, tracheitis);
  • – upper respiratory tract and hearing organs (sinusitis, laryngitis, laryngopharyngitis, otitis media, rhinitis);
  • – gynecological (agalactia, uterine atony, infertility, vaginitis, vestibulitis, vulvitis, hypogalactia, ovarian dysfunction, mastitis, breast neoplasm, subinvolution of uterus, cervicitis, pyo- and endometritis);
  • – eye (blepharitis, cataract, conjunctivitis, trauma, ulcers, keratitis, corneal opacity);
  • – gastrointestinal (gastritis, constipation, colic, coprostasis, paraproctitis, enteritis, peptic ulcer);
  • – skin (alopecia, dermatitis, eczema);
  • – nervous system (degenerative myelopathy, paresis, paralysis);
  • – musculoskeletal system (arthritis, bursitis, myositis, muscle spasm, periostitis, synovitis, tendonitis, tendovaginitis);
  • – liver (ascites, hepatitis);
  • – kidney and urinary tract (dysuria, urolithiasis, nephritis, pyelonephritis, urocystitis);
  • – cardiovascular system (myocardial infarction, coronary heart disease, rhythm disturbance, carditis);
  • – dental (gingivitis, orthodontic treatment, periodontitis, stomatitis);
  • – surgical (abscesses, infiltrates, fractures, wounds, trophic ulcers, burns, bruises, phlegmon).

The specially designed LASMIK-VET kit includes two self-powered low-level laser devices, numerous attachments and two books in Russian and English. The devices are also available in English due to their worldwide demand. For in-hospital use in veterinary clinics, LASMIK device with unique techniques, such as intravenous laser blood illumination ILBI-525 and LUVBI®, is suggested.